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The Top 10 Ways to Center Yourself in the Midst of Chaos

Sitting at the beach on a windy April day, I watched the gulls playing in the wind, seemingly hovering in place as if they were kites. What struck me though was watching them perch on the sand with their skinny little toothpick legs centering their plump little bodies so they didn’t blow over. It got me thinking about being centered and what that truly offers us. 

There’s often talk about centering in terms of energy, but let’s take this a bit deeper. At a time when so many people struggle with self-identity, centering can be a practice of embodiment and coming home to Self. Embodiment extends further than just our energy field, it encompasses the felt sensation of our inner world. 

What can we do to center ourselves when there are storms around us? When we’re surrounded by chaos, turmoil, upheaval? When our world is upside down?

This is often the challenge that many of us face. The path of learning and growing through the trials, while staying aligned and connected to that inner source of self, is daunting. There is a time though, when it becomes a welcome part of the journey because you recognize the growth that awaits on the other side of it. Here's som simple steps to help you re-center yourself in the midst of chaos.

  1. Take Deep Breaths: Inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a moment, and exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat several times to calm your nervous system.

  2. Practice Mindfulness: Focus on the present moment by paying attention to your surroundings, sensations, and thoughts without judgment.

  3. Grounding Techniques: Engage your senses by touching something soothing (like a soft fabric), listening to calming music or nature sounds, or focusing on a comforting scent (like lavender).

  4. Physical Movement: Take a short walk, do some stretching or yoga, or engage in any physical activity that helps release tension and promotes relaxation.

  5. Connect with Nature: Spend time outdoors, even if it’s just sitting in a park or near a window with a view of nature. Nature has a calming effect on the mind.

  6. Limit Stimuli: Reduce exposure to noise, screens, and other distractions that may contribute to feelings of overwhelm.

  7. Journaling: Write down your thoughts and feelings to gain clarity and perspective. It can help you process emotions and find solutions to challenges.

  8. Set Boundaries: Establish healthy boundaries to protect your energy and prioritize self-care. Say no to additional commitments if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

  9. Seek Support: Reach out to a trusted friend, family member, or therapist for emotional support and guidance during difficult times.

  10. Practice Gratitude: Reflect on things you’re grateful for, even amidst chaos. Focusing on the positive can shift your mindset and bring a sense of peace.

Chances are you already naturally practice some of these things. Learn what your favorite methods are and allow yourself to notice if these different practices help for different challenges that you are facing. Remember it is a practice, so it needs to be practiced, that requires active engagement and your willingness to put in the effort. Just think, centering is aligned to the solar plexus chakra, the energetic connection to your inner willpower. Fitting, isn't it?

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