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Sacred Roots
Red Tent

What is the Red Tent?

It's another name or term used for a Moon Lodge, a special place where women come together in sisterhood to share, heal and help each other through the different phases and stages of womanhood. Traditionally it was the space used for women to connect, rest and restore themselves during their menses, where they could support one another.


In modern times, the Red Tent has become a space to help women feel as sense of belonging and connectivity. We are far removed from the times of villages, yet we are often longing for the support of a village to help us navigate life. 

Imagine being able to seek the wisdom of many grandmothers, mothers and sisters offering their stories of experience and wisdom. 

Imagine a place you can turn to for guidance, support and help when you need it. 

The hope of offering these gatherings is to offer a much bigger movement to support women and be a resource for holistic healing & medicina la casa (medicine of the home, ancient folk remedies and traditional healing from indigenous practices, and passed down healing and folk remedies you may have learned.)

*I am striving to make this accessible to everyone despite financial situation. If you would like to attend but are experiencing financial hardship or difficulty, please reach out about our supported payment plan and scholarship opportunities, as well as energy trades through assisting with the festivities that may be available.

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Unraveling the wounds that center around the Feminine cycle and healing the womb through reclaiming the Rite of the Womb initiation.


Medicine Woman

Life lessons offer the initiation of the Medicine Woman. We'll explore traditional healing practices for woman's health that support all ages and stages.

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Embracing the Feminine energy fully and whole heartedly means being willing to rebirth. Here we will explore the wounds of the Feminine mother to heal the lineages.

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Weaving experience and knowledge brings wisdom with age. It is a time for sharing wisdom through stories and exploring the possibilities of what comes next.

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Jena Skai Weeks

Specialized training and certification as a Red Tent Facilitator, and Global Sisterhood Circle Facilitator, Magdalene Rose Priestess, as well as Trauma Informed Clinical HeartMath Practitioner.

Over 25 years of shamanic practices and studies, currently with emphasis on Incan/Peruvian Paqo Pampamesayoq and Aztec/Mayan Curanderismo training.

Jun 24, 2023, 4:00 PM
Jena's Medicine Wheel
Healing the Lineages of the Mother & the Divine Feminine across timelines
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