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Ceremony Services

These special ceremonies are part of our ministry or Priestess services. We believe in the sacredness of the Divine Feminine and the importance of weaving this back in to society, to help women remember their sacred connections to the Divine Mysteries.


Maiden, Mother & Crone Blessings

From young girls blossoming into their womanhood, to expectant mothers, to entering the stage of the crone, special ceremonies to mark these big life transitions are a way of honoring the sacredness of the Divine Feminine within you.

Red Tent Circle

Held at the seasonal solstices, Red Tent is a Woman's Circle focused on women's health & healing, with shared practices to empower each woman on her own path. Beginning 2023!


Cleansing & Blessings

House cleansing & blessing or personal cleansing (limpia) and blessing to shift energy. These ceremonies help create a sacred space within and around you. 

Closing the Bones

A special healing ceremony done postpartum to hold, heal and nurture the mother while encouraging the closing of the bones after giving birth. This private ceremony can be done one-on-one or with a group of close friends. 

wedding ceremony.png

Wedding Ceremony

A spiritual based wedding ceremony that is customized to you. This is your special day and the words you share memorialize the feelings captured in those special moments together. Whether simplistic or formal, it is a personal ceremony written and performed for you at your desired location.


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