Sacred Sisterhood Circle

Honoring the Divine Feminine Within

Welcome Sister!

Do you wish to meet with other like-minded women as you heal & grow on your spiritual journey?


Then you are ready for the Sacred Sisterhood Circle!

Let me take you on a journey of time from long ago.

Imagine with me for a moment... 

Envision yourself walking towards a sacred space. You can smell the fragrance of frankincense and myrrh dancing in the air. There's a hint of sweet floral, the precious smell of rose. 

You follow this scent and find yourself standing amongst other women. Beside you is a decorative brass bowl with rose water. You instinctively dip your fingertips and anoint your forehead.

You are being ushered by a woman wearing a long robe. She brings you to Priestesses that are serving the Circle. They immediately receive you and begin to bathe you in sacred rose water.

This purification ritual cleanses you at a soul level, releasing any lower vibrational frequencies. It begins to wash away any lies or illusions you carry of separation and you begin to remember the truth of who you are. As they finish bathing you with this sacred rose water, they hand you a velvety burgundy red cloak to wrap yourself in. The generous hood of the cloak is draped around your shoulders. You pull the hood up over your head. It hangs gently around your face, casting a shadow across your features, allowing your eyes to appear luminous.

The Priestesses walk you towards long fabric curtains. They pull them aside and invite you to enter the Temple, the sacred womb space of the Divine Feminine Mysteries. 

The smell of frankincense, myrrh and rose intensifies. You hear chanting and chimes, crying and laughter. You begin to notice a pulsating rhythm within your veins attuning to the sound of sacred drums. Instinctively your feet begin to walk, taking you exactly where you are meant to go in this Red Tent.

Welcome to the

 Sacred Sisterhood Circle 

Rediscover, Reconnect & Reclaim

your sovereign power as your own Priestess

Women have been gathering in circles for millennia and it's no wonder we are seeing a re-emergence of this. More women are craving connection and authenticity in their lives. 

Here we cultivate this Sacred Sisterhood connection, in a safe space, offering healing tools as we support one another in this journey of deep inner healing and awakening. 

  • Rediscover who you are. Do you know what you like anymore? Do you check in with yourself regularly? Do you have sacred self-care rituals?

  • Reconnect with your inner Self. Are you aware of your dreams, passions and desires? Do you feel connected to your intuition?

  • Reclaim your sovereignty. Do you recognize your authentic voice? Do you truly feel your worth and power?


Join us as we explore monthly themes based upon the moon cycle. Learn the importance of tracking moon cycles and how it influences your mind, body and spirit. Uncover sacred practices to honor yourself. Witness and hold space for others in this sacred life journey. Sisterhood circles not only offer transformation for you, but for your relationships even outside of the circle as you learn to become more aware and mindful and create sacred space to hold others, as well as recognizing boundaries.

Join Us

Experience sisterhood in our Sacred Sisterhood Circle, as we explore the ancient lineages and wisdom of the Red Tent. 

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