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The Changing of the Season

This fall is bringing more than just the changing of the season. We are going through an intense shift. If you subscribe to our emails you'll learn more about this in October's newsletter.

As some of you may already know, I am heading back to school to work on my degree. This isn't so much a career change as it is a career shift. I intend to continue my work as a healing arts practitioner, but with more emphasis on mental health & wellness. I have already teamed up with a local therapist to start offering specialized somatic based sessions in her studio space.

Many years ago when I started this journey I was still struggling with intense anxiety. Massage therapy & Reiki helped me so much that I stayed in this field to help others experience the amazing benefits too. I have learned so many specialized skills around releasing & healing emotional patterns and trauma, even becoming a somatic practitioner, but my vision and dreams of this field go far beyond the limitations of a massage therapist.

I dream of a place where someone that is struggling can go and not just receive talk therapy, but actual healing therapies. A place that can be a safe escape to reset the nervous system, to build confidence through guided self resourcing, and can recognize the importance of addressing the whole person, mind, body & spirit. A place not just for adults, but for children and families too.

That dream is already taking shape. If you are interested in learning more please message me.

What Changes Are Coming?...

My schedule will be very limited. Already established regular clients will be given the opportunity to create standing appointments to secure their spot. If you've been wanting to schedule with me, you may find it a little more difficult to get in.

We are also introducing monthly massage packages to save you money while committing to your wellness. Kaitlyn has increased her availability for massage sessions as well.

The shop will only be open for special pop-up shop events, but you can still order online anytime. There will be no regular shop hours, only pop-up shop events starting in October. (If the right person comes along to run the shop I would consider it.)

Our regular events such as Sisterhood Circles, Energy Healing Savasana and other workshops will continue.

Be sure to join the Inner Circle group to stay up to date!

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Cynthia Pendergraph
Cynthia Pendergraph
25. Sept. 2023

This sounds absolutely amazing!! So happy for you and your new adventure!!!💜

Gefällt mir
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