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New Year, New Pricing Plan

You may start finding some little changes around the way I am structuring my business. Being a pioneer in the healing arts often means I am doing things others are not, and my way of thinking tends to be different. I have learned to love & embrace this quality within myself and that was no easy task. Moving forward I am stepping out in more aligned business ways, which includes a community resource pricing plan.


Some of you have been with me for many years and remember my times as a struggling single mom of 3. During financial hardships, we often find ourselves burdened with even more stress and in more need of stress-relieving services. It is my hope and my dream that by designing a different way of doing business I can make it more accessible to those who need it because I have ALWAYS believed massage therapy is so much more than just some luxury spa fluff and now my additional training in somatic psychology has proven just how valuable of a resource it is for mental health & wellness.


You will now find pricing options for some of our services. These options allow you to choose your affordability and help create the necessary equitable approach so that more are able to receive the care & support they need. Your health & well-being matters. I am always looking for ways to pay it forward and this is my way. I believe in the hearts of the people in my community to understand and recognize what I am doing and to do their part by honoring the system I have created.

Community Resource Pricing

You'll find select sessions offer payment options. These payment options include:

  • Full Price (if you have a car payment, able to pay your bills, select this option.)

  • Assisted Price (if you are experiencing financial difficulties but are able to save to invest in yourself, choose this option.)

  • Resource Price (if you are experiencing economic hardship, receive assistance, but need a jump start to help you feel better, choose this option.)

You'll also find optional pricing for Sisterhood Circles, along with special packages available. Each purchase of a package donates a 3 month membership to a sister in need.

Together We Rise

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