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What is Rebozo Massage?

Let's start with what a Rebozo is first. A rebozo is a shawl of woven textile, typically cotton and silk, that can historically be found throughout different cultural regions. The name Rebozo comes from the traditional Mexican use. This garment wasn't just for fashion, but for function. The hardworking women utilized this fabric as a second set of hands, helping to carry goods, children and was even used to smuggle weapons during the Mexican revolution so they could protect their families! It could also be used for extra warmth as a wrap, or a protective head covering for ceremonial practice.

In traditional Mexican midwifery, or parteria, it is used to support the woman's body through pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum belly wrapping and for carrying the baby. It may be the most widely recognized use of this due to its growing popularity in the Doula community. Similar practices were found in various regions including Russia and Africa. For the purposes of my practice I reference the Mexican versions in which I was trained, working within my apprenticeship in Curanderismo and Traditional Mexican Folk Medicine or La Casa de la Medicina.

So, where does massage come in?

The rebozo is used in massage to gently rock, stretch and wrap the body. The effects create a deep state of relaxation. A traditional ceremony known as Closing the Bones was performed after childbirth, often using several rebozos to wrap the mother with extra tightening around the hips to assist with closing the bones of the hips, and facilitating healing and realigning of the internal structures after birth. I offer special postpartum doula packages centered around this ceremonial practice to honor the mother. You can find more about that here.

Aside from postpartum use, a rebozo massage is beneficial for helping those processing or reprocessing trauma, in need of emotional healing, or to calm the central nervous system for those experiencing anxiety.

This session is deeply nurturing, comforting and grounding.

As a stand alone rebozo massage session, it facilitates healing, rebalancing and realigning. Woven into the session is spiritual cleansing, sound healing, crystal healing and Shamanic Reiki to encourage the healing journey within. Clients report feeling an energy of rebirth and being deeply relaxed. You can find out a little more and schedule a session with me here.

Do you still have questions about rebozo massage? Send me a massage using the chat button.

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