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Happy Sunny July from Morehead City NC

As we welcome July, we welcome in the energy of 5, the energy of adaptability, curiosity, inspiration, adventure, and breaking free from the confines that hold you back. Of course, there is much more than just numerology energy at play this month. We have transitioned into the season of Cancer, the nurturing caretaker of the zodiac. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 3rd, highlighting the Divine Masculine energies of honor & protection, and how it is positively expressed in your life. The New Moon of course highlights the Cancerian energies of the season as we look at self-love practices and they way we caretake ourselves.

Astrology Morehead City NC

Here's what you can expect this month:

  • Revision of structures and the way things are done

  • Big picture thinking & inspired ideas

  • Being reminded of your connection

  • Setting healthier boundaries

  • Recognizing your needs with more ease

  • More self acceptance

Join us Sunday July 30th at 6pm for our Sacred Sisterhood Circle in Morehead City, where we come together to explore the Lunar energies and the Divine Feminine wisdom in the flow.

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