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Sacred Roots

Building the foundations of a better future for women's health through holistic care, compassion and connection.

Specializing in Postpartum Care

Honoring the Mother in her time of need to offer rest, recovery and support through the journey of postpartum healing.

They say it takes a village, but most women don't have a village.

Yet, we hold this craving deep within, of wanting a community for help, resources, comfort and support. 

That is where a postpartum doula comes in.

Holding the space to nurture, comfort and care for the mother that allows for healing and offering holistic healing methods to support the changing hormones and physical body, while also bringing comfort to the emotional nature of the birthing experience.


Package 1  

Session 1

  • Closing the Bones Ceremony

Private Ceremony $150

With Group $200

*$25 off if held at office as a private session


Package 2 

Session 1

  • Closing the Bones Ceremony

Session 2​

  • Infant Massage Training

  • Belly Wrap Training

  • Mommy Time

Private $275/

2 x payments $150

Group Ceremony additional $50


Package 3

​Session 1

  • Closing the Bones Ceremony

Session 2 ​

  • Infant Massage Training

  • Belly Wrap Training

  • Mommy Time

Session 3​

  • Spiritual Cleansing for Baby

  • Baby Healing & Blessing 

  • Mommy Time

Paid in Full $375

3 x payments $125 plus $25 Fee

These packages are reflective of the current offerings available for this service. Additional time may be added to your selected package upon request. These services reflect the specialized training I have received for this care.

I am currently working on certification for all aspects of doula work. During this time I will be seeking clients as part of my certification journey. Please feel free to contact me to inquire about labor & birth doula work. 

My Story

20 years ago I attended massage school right here in Carteret. It was a calling and a life changing experience for me. I wanted to train in doula work even back then, but as a single mom myself I knew I would not have the availability needed for that kind of work. My own journey of motherhood left me longing for that sense of connection. I had no family around for any of my children's births. I was left alone to figure it all out and IT WAS HARD. So many feelings, emotions and questions with no one to turn to for help. This is part of the fuel that drives this work for me.

I never want another woman to feel isolated and alone during this time. 

The whole journey of birth was something that fascinated me. When I was 16 my step-mom allowed me to be present for the birth of my sister. Although my parents were hoping this would have some sort of birth control effect and scare me, it had the exact opposite. Witnessing the miracle of life being born was an experience like no other. It was sacred and special. And even at only 16 years old I recognized that it wasn't being honored in the way that it should be.

Now after experiencing multiple births myself I know first hand there is something deeply missing in this experience. The sacredness, sense of community, and honoring of the mother that was practiced throughout the globe seemed to have vanished. During the birth there's a rush of medical professionals tending to the mother, but after birth it's a ghost town. If you're lucky you may have family around to bring that sense of community but it still lacks a certain feeling of sacredness and honoring, as even these family moments tend to be centered around the baby and not the mother.

This is why I am choosing to specialize in postpartum care. It shifts the focus to the mother, to honor her physical, emotional and somatic states of being from the birthing experience, allowing her to feel held, supported and nurtured. 

It is truly an honor to be of service in such a way, to assist in the healing of the mother which naturally creates a happier & healthier family dynamic. 

From My Heart to Yours,

Jena Skai Weeks

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