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You need to cultivate a relationship with yourself, to heal old traumas and wounds that have left scars upon your heart. A change is needed.

You must be willing to shake off the fear, rip off the bandaids and face your inner self to 

heal into the wholeness of your Being.

Do you feel it? That inner craving to be more deeply felt?... 

You are not alone. We are in a collective awakening to this deeper sense of awareness that is cultivated within. This RESET is your catalyst to help you embody your heart more deeply. It is time to welcome yourself back home into your body, into your heart,

into the very core essence of your sacred being. 

Somatic Reset

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Reset Yourself

Let your deep emotions be activated to catalyze your healing journey. Drop into your heart and felt sense of being to bring clarity to your inner world. Be aware of your inner most needs so you can meet them and re-establish a sense of trust and safety with yourself.

You'll learn to hold space for yourself, even the anxious, fearful parts of you. As you embrace these parts, you'll find a deeper capacity to be in your emotions.

To feel and be felt. 

Somatic Reset Coaching will help you to...

Embody Emotions

Release Triggers

Rewire Thoughts

Regulate Nervous System

Track Reactions

Integrate Healing

What to Expect from this program 

This four week somatic coaching program will teach you the essential tools to RESET your nervous system by tuning into your channels of awareness and learning to release stuck, repetitive patterns, in order to fully embody your emotions from a place of regulation. 

You'll have access to a private group, recorded videos for practice and live coaching calls for integration. 

Meet Your Coach

Jena Skai Weeks

Certified Somatic Practitioner & Trauma-Informed Self-Empowerment Coach

If this is your first time meeting me, let me officially welcome you into my space. I've been a space holding, sisterhood circle sharing, healing arts professional for over 20 years. It was my own journey with anxiety that led me to where I am today. It went from a debilitating disorder, to the fuel behind my fire in helping others  restore peace & balance to their lives. 

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