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Summer Red Tent Event - Women's Retreat

Red Tent- Honoring the Mother Morehead City North Carolina Women's Retreat

Healing the Lineages of the Mother & the Divine Feminine across timelines at North Carolina Women's Retreat

This full day women's retreat will be held in North Carolina at Jena's Medicine Wheel Circle at her private residence in Stella on Jun 24, 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

This sacred ground has been consecrated for ceremonial use and creates a private outdoor sanctuary for gatherings such as this. Tents and sun shelters will be in place.

In this Red Tent Retreat you'll experience a spiritual cleansing as you walk into the sacred space, as sacred smoke gently floats through the air. You'll find yourself in circle with other amazing women from the Crystal Coast Area, being guided to drop into your heart as you listen to the stories of the Mother. You'll begin

Rent Tent Event - Morehead City NC Women's Retreat
Rent Tent Event - Morehead City NC - Women's Retreat

to unravel the wounds around your feminine energy as the story of the Divine Feminine lineage is shared. This is a practice known as HerStory and a time of rewriting and reclaiming the sacredness of your feminine power. We will be exploring the way God the Mother has been known throughout time and way She has evolved Her essence across multiple cultures and lineages.

We will share in the wounding that has occurred through our own lineages and speak to the way it has been presenting on the Earth at this time. A look into the generational wounding and healing patterns, the relation to the birthing of the new Earth, the elevation of the frequency and what it means to be here in this space and time. With our hands on our womb we will invoke physical healing through a guided self-massage based in the Mayan teachings, to honor the womb within. We will journey deeper into the remembrances of the womb space and enter into the sacred womb of the Divine Feminine collective to heal the trauma stored through generations, as we reconnect and re-establish our personal connection to Mother Earth, practicing compassion, forgiveness and love, like all the Great Mother Goddesses that came before.

Herbal teas with flower essence healing, fresh fruits & veggies and food trays will be served to nurture & nourish throughout the event. All foods will be blessed for the highest resonance of energy during this womens retreat in North Carolina.

Fire ceremony with music and chanting to reconnect the threads of sisterhood and community. Learn empowering and healing chants that will continue to help you on your personal journey. *Bring your instruments whether it be an egg shaker, rattle, drum or other noise maker!* Be ready to make noise, chant, dance and shift the energy! Join your sisters from Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Swansboro, Havelock, and Beaufort for a night of true sisterhood.

*Sliding scale fee is available for this event. Please send me a message using the chat feature to inquire. I wish to make this event accessible for all regardless of financial privilege

*Address will be provided upon sign up, be on the lookout for an email!

*Colors for this event are shades of red. It is fun to wear these colors or bring a shawl or wrap in one of these colors.

Basic outline of events

4-6 Intro, Healing Circle

*Food in the between times*

6-9 sound healing, chanting, fire ceremony

​If you are in Jacksonville, Morehead City, Swansboro, Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Havelock, Emerald Isle or Pine Knoll Shores please come share a night of sisterhood as we work through healing together at this North Carolina Women's Retreat.

*I am striving to make this accessible to everyone despite financial situation. If you would like to attend but are experiencing financial hardship or difficulty, please reach out about our supported payment plan and scholarship opportunities, as well as energy trades through assisting with the festivities that may be available.

What is the Red Tent?

It's another name or term used for a Moon Lodge, a special place where women come together in sisterhood to share, heal and help each other through the different phases and stages of womanhood. Traditionally it was the space used for women to connect, rest and restore themselves during their menses, where they could support one another.

In modern times, the Red Tent has become a space to help women feel as sense of belonging and connectivity. We are far removed from the times of villages, yet we are often longing for the support of a village to help us navigate life.

Imagine being able to seek the wisdom of many grandmothers, mothers and sisters offering their stories of experience and wisdom.

Imagine a place you can turn to for guidance, support and help when you need it.

The hope of offering these gatherings around the crystal coast is to offer a much bigger movement to support local women and be a resource for holistic healing & medicina la casa (medicine of the home, ancient folk remedies and traditional healing from indigenous practices, and passed down healing and folk remedies you may have learned.)

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