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Massage as a Healing Modality

There is a difference between getting a massage and receiving a massage. READ THAT AGAIN. Our location in Morehead City offers massages that help you heal.

You can feel it when you've got a therapist that is going through the motions, versus a therapist that is present and listening to the way your body is responding to treatment. That is the difference between getting versus actually receiving. I know I have experienced massages where oil was just being slapped on and nothing was really being done. I walked out feeling like I wasted my money and time. My very first massage experience I was hurt by a therapist that was doing intensely deep work that I didn't ask for and at the time I didn't know that I could speak up about it. (Pre-massage school). I have had clients tell me terrible stories about past experiences. You don't always know what you are going to get when you schedule somewhere new. I've even had clients that have moved away and still message and ask for help finding their next therapist which I happily do. There are definitely things you can look for in a therapist to weed out those just going through the motions. Here, we approach massage as a holistic healing modality that creates therapeutic and healing changes in the mind, body and spirit. We recognize the body as a whole symphony of multifaceted aspects that are woven together, creating that unique person that is YOU. Anatomically our bodies may have the same things but the way in which you carry your body is unique. Where you store your stress, how your muscles contract when tense, where certain emotions create physical reactions... it is all very unique to you and the way in which the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pieces are woven together.

Our menu of services at our Morehead City Massage Studio includes a variety of massages & bodywork styles, as well as energy healing, shamanic healing and soul coaching sessions.

We recognize the uniqueness of individual needs, and with over 20 years in the massage therapy field at the Crystal Coast, I have seen the difference it makes when you listen to the body on the table, not just what is said, but what is felt through the energy. There is only so much a mechanical, robotic step by step approach can do because it doesn't address the emotional, mental and spiritual nature of the whole body.

If you haven't tried a session with us in Morehead City, you can book online from the website. If you're not sure which session is best for you, you can chat with me directly on the site. We can even schedule a free consultation which is highly recommended for those seeking to address multiple medical issues.

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