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In the Stillness

Time seems elusive these days. Speeding past or moving at a leisurely sloth pace. Memories and dreams colliding like a cosmic combustion in the mind. Past meets futures and somehow merges together into this present moment of time.

Our timeline is not solid. We are feeling that and witnessing it collectively. It’s like floating in the cosmic womb silently awaiting for that pulsation, that spark that begins the quickening. Anticipation is hanging in the air but not yet defined. It is the energy of the unknown, of the Divine Feminine mysteries.

Does this make you feel anxious? Scared? Apprehensive? Or do you relax into this flow? These answers clue you in to healing the Divine Feminine wounds.

I feel peace in this space. Time without definition. Limitless. This is the space of infinite possibility and potential. This is the space between no longer and not yet. The melting pot of energy swirling, awaiting direction. It is a comforting openness that still embraces, but only in the stillness when you allow yourself to actually witness it’s presence.

In the stillness is the most profound space of transformation. May you know Her presence to become more present.

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