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Awaken & Attune

Level 1 Practitioner

The process of initiation begins with saying yes to learning this practice. You'll dive into self-healing practices, shadow work and understanding the depths beyond this realm as you awaken new levels of conscious understanding. Healing begins with your own inner work to become a clear channel for the healing energy. Deepen your intuition and your self-trust through practice and guidance.

Assess & Align

Level 2 Advanced Practitioner

Dive into symbolic mysteries with each attunement, learning to differentiate between streams of energy. Go beyond the basics of working with chakras and into the subtle energy field of the body, of the environment and other objects. Learn to align the energy through shamanic techniques, breathwork, energy medicine and more.


Level 3 Master Practitioner

Becoming a master signifies the desire to hone your mastery in energy healing. Moving beyond learning from others, to developing & deepening the connection to Spirit to learn and grow from the ancient wisdom you are connected to and to bring that forth in your healing sessions. Journeying and self-healing becomes regular daily practice as you grow into your mastery.


Our certification workshops are available online and in-person. Support, guidance and mentoring through online groups is also provided as part of your student membership. 

Learn beyond just Reiki healing. Explore ongoing continuing education in the healing arts through a variety of classes from crystal healing, cosmic connections, animal allies, plant medicine and more.

Our next online Level 1 Shamanic Reiki Certification Workshop is scheduled for March 29th at 10am. 

Ready to take the leap and become the healer you know you are meant to be? Sign up for the course now!

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