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Sacred Soul

Healing the Body. Transforming the Mind. Nurturing the Spirit.


Namaste & Welcome

Sacred Soul

Healing Arts Center

Our mission is to help you connect to your Sacred Soul Self by providing services, classes and workshops focused on healing the mind, body and spirit. The connection between the mind, body & spirit is so important for self-healing. This is exactly what makes Sacred Soul Healing Arts Center different from the rest. We truly strive to help you be the best version of yourself, inside & out.

Our Healing Arts Center provides:


  • Massage & bodywork treatments from cultures all over the world

  • Uniquely inspired yoga classes not found anywhere else

  • Workshops designed to help you in your transformational journey

By integrating these treatments, healing can occur on deeper levels. Through self-awareness and recognizing the connections our thoughts and emotions have on our body, we can begin to achieve harmony and alleviate needless tension. Our belief is that we are all healers. We all carry within us the ability to heal, but only some of us have been chosen to heed this as a calling. It is answering this calling that Sacred Soul Healing Arts Center was birthed into creation.
​Let your journey of transformation begin today with your own experience.


Our Services

Relax, Reconnect and Recharge

Swedish Massage
Reiki Treatment

Massage Therapy

Heal the Body

Energy Healing

Nourish the Spirit


Soothe the Mind

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"Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners"

William Shakespeare

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Meet Jena Skai

15 years in the field of massage therapy, former massage therapy instructor, founder of Sacred Soul Shamanic Reiki, yoga instructor, ordained minister, spiritual counselor & coach, sisterhood circle facilitator and so much more.

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