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Shamanic Reiki School

Tap into the roots of your healing through

intuitive energy practices.

Beyond traditional Reiki, learn to weave together ceremony & ritual for a deeply healing and nourishing journey...

Shamanic Reiki bridges intuitive energy medicine with ceremony and ritual, creating a potent healing container for Divine energies to flow. By connecting with the elements, animal allies, plant spirits, crystalline energies and cosmic light frequencies, healing activations and initiations occur.  

In this program you'll learn Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho along with Shamanic healing techniques like:

  •  Soul Retrieval

  • Entity Removal

  • Space Clearing

  • Spirit Guide Connection

  • Journey & Pathworking

  • Sacred Sound Healing

  • Channeling 

  • Spiritual Cleansing


Intuitive gifts naturally become stronger through the development of working with your "clair" senses to read and interpret energy. Energy is infinite and abundant in nature. Shamanic Reiki helps you connect into this flow of energy, raising the vibrational core of your being through energetic attunements.

The Pathway of Shamanic Reiki


Taught By Creatrix & Founder, Jena Skai

Over 25 years of shamanic practice & studies, currently with emphasis on Curandersimo practices of Meso America and 20 years of Reiki practice, Jena shares her expertise and knowledge from having a full time career in the healing arts as a practitioner & educator.

Jena strives to cultivate an environment that goes beyond intellectual learning and offers experiential learning, allowing students to more fully integrate the teachings through their own sensations and awareness.

In Shamanic Reiki you'll discover how to...

  • initiate inner healing to be a clear channel

  • channel healing frequencies

  • work with the energetic essence of plants, animals and gemstones

  • journey to other realms for healing and insight

  • shift vibrational energy through symbols

  • connect to guides for deep intuitive wisdom

  • create customized healing sessions for others 

Whether you are choosing to start a career in the healing arts or simply want to learn for your own self-growth, the Shamanic Reiki School will open you up to the infinite Universal energy to help you make quantum leaps in your life and healing service.

Shamanic Reiki offers a way to work with energy in its infinite expression, understanding the nature of its essence.

What You Can Expect

The Shamanic Reiki School is offered on the MightyNetworks platform, a special cultural space designed for community structure, to enhance and support educators to be more hands on and involved. It offers a community that functions much like a social media feed where members can post, share pictures and engage with each other for further growth. 

You see, this isn't just a class. It is an entire community for mentorship and support through your journey, for as long as you choose to stay. Inside this community space you'll find:

  • Course materials

  • PDF files to download

  • Videos for guidance

  • Embodiment practices

  • Live Mentorship calls to ask questions

  • Access to future live online classes as a refresher

  • Community for support, encouragement and help when you need it

It all begins with saying yes to the Level 1 Awaken & Attune Shamanic Reiki Class to become a member of the Shamanic Reiki School. Will you be joining us? 


I want to stay in touch!

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