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Wild Woman Rising

Rediscover, Reconnect & Reclaim

your sovereign power through



Are you searching for connection? Seeking like-minded, free souls?

Then Sister, you BELONG here. 

Join us as we explore monthly themes based upon the moon cycle.

  • Learn the importance of tracking moon cycles and how it influences your mind, body and spirit.

  • Uncover sacred practices to honor yourself.

  • Witness and hold space for others in this sacred life journey.

Sisterhood circles not only offer transformation for you, but for your relationships even outside of the circle as you learn to become more aware and mindful and create sacred space to hold others, as well as recognizing boundaries.

In this Sacred Circle you'll  find  the space needed to free yourself   from the shackles of everyday life so that you can find your authentic voice. 

  • Rediscover who you are. Do you know what you like anymore? Do you check in with yourself regularly? Do you have sacred self-care rituals?

  • Reconnect with your inner Self. Are you aware of your dreams, passions and desires? Do you feel connected to your intuition?

  • Reclaim your sovereignty. Do you recognize your authentic voice? Do you truly feel your worth and power?

The art of Sisterhood is in the sacred space that allows each woman to show up and fully express who they are, resting in the enoughness of their being.


In Circle you embody both the teacher and the student. By sharing your experiences you hold the mirror for other Sisters to see themselves and learn from your perspective, igniting new ways of seeing things.

Are you ready to step into your power while also empowering others?

Welcome to the 

Wild Woman Rising Sisterhood

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