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Sacred Rose Priestess Path

Dearest Sacred Sister, I see you and understand why you are here. The path of the Priestess calls to you when you are ready. Ready to step into your authentic Divine Feminine power.


This calling is a sign. 

A sign that you are ready to shed your patterns & habits that hinder your truth. A sign that you are ready to release & renew. A sign that you are ready to experience true freedom & liberation.


You are welcome here dear Sister.


Beloved, You have the power to make each moment sacred. Deep down you know this. You feel this. That is why you feel the pull to gravitate towards these teachings. There is a cellular response, reminding you of who you truly are. A feeling of coming home. 

This inner knowing of truth is a catalyst for your transformational journey. Courage is what gives birth to the Divine creation and that Divine creation is YOU living in your authentic truth. 


The Path of the Priestess requires commitment and devotion of Self. It asks you to turn to your shadow self to find your medicine for healing, to seek the truth of your heart so you can embody your Divine nature. It will ask you to be open to Divine guidance and to establish deep trust with your intuitive Self. It will require your surrendering in order to fully step into your Divine Sovereign Beingness.

These are difficult tasks sweet sister, and I recognize the strength and courage it requires to do this work, but you are not alone.

The joys of journeying through the Priestess Path include the bond of Sisterhood, growing and connecting together through healing, wisdom and love. Learning to receive support & guidance, in a nurturing community to help you be accountable to yourself and to the collective. 

We are all mirrors helping each other to reflect with clarity.

Is the Priestess Path right for You?

Are you willing to make a 6 month commitment to yourself?

Do you crave sisterhood?

Is there a part of you that knows you are meant to have a more personal Divine spiritual connection?

In this Priestess Path journey we will be walking the Rose spiral together, unraveling the layers of the archetypal energies of the Maiden, Mother, Medicine Woman, Mage & Mystic. We'll look at the woven stories of the interconnectedness of the Divine Feminine throughout multiple cultures and timelines, uncovering the ways She has transformed throughout the years.


This Priestess Path is...

A heart knowing. A calling that fills you with inspiration and hope.

A desire to recognize your wholeness.

To be fully present and take up space.

To reach new levels of vulnerability and strength.

Just like the essence of the Sacred Rose.


This spiral path includes:

Initiations, Activations & Transmissions

Energy Techniques

Embodiment Practices

Moon Rituals

Crystal Guidance

Plus a private community space to gather in Sisterhood.

Do you long for deeper meaning and connection?

This is a path where you return to the Earth,

to lay yourself bare upon the mossy covered ground,

surrendering to a deeper devotion that moves through you and becomes you.

Whispers from the Earth Mother begin to course through your body....

“Breathe me in Dear Child. Allow me to nourish the very essence of your Soul."

This energy is palpable. It's real.

Your heart beating in rhythm to the earth’s life pulse.

A deep connection to this feeling begins to take over.

Rooted. Anchored. Grounded. Yet vividly alive with desire brewing in your heart.

Becoming increasingly aware of the vastness of energy flowing through you,

as you rise to the ascended realms.

Listen. Listen to the song that stirs inside you.

Listen to the flow of energy through your heart.

Feel the weight of the world being lifted off of you,

as you step into the light of who you truly are.

Listen to the Ancient Wisdom of the Wise Ones that came before.

Feel the Ancestors as they support your journey. Let go and listen.

Who are you at the core of your being?...

Isn't it time for you to step into this journey of Self?

You'll receive 6 months of support, coaching, mentorship, guidance,

teaching, healing, sharing and connecting in things like:

Guided shadow work

Archetype activations

Energy healing

Coaching calls

Sisterhood circle

Mindset shifts

Energetic practices

Moon ceremonies

This is your opportunity to work more closely with me, to learn Sacred practices, deepen your spiritual connection and truly embrace the light of your own truth.

I’ve studied & practiced this path for over 25 years after experiencing my own spiritual awakening in 1996. I continue to learn and grow on this journey, being part of spiritual communities both as teacher and student. My trainings over the years have included Red Tent facilitator training, Magdalene Rose Priestess initiate, Isis Temple Priestess initiate and many more. These paths continue to open up deeper understanding of the Divine Feminine Mysteries, embodying the archetypes within.

If you’re ready to embrace the calling to shift and transform your life through reclaiming your power, your sovereignty and igniting that Sacred flame within you, join me.

Allow me to be your guide & mentor through this 6 month exploration.

See what other Priestess Path Initiates had to say about their journey...


"It was a safe space that I knew I could go to and just be held in support."

"It helped me heal wounds I had around female friendships and establish clearer boundaries for my self-care."


"It reminded me that my feelings were normal and helped me recognize I am enough. I feel more confident in myself."

"It helped me connect more with my Divine Feminine side."

Rose Priestess

This initiatory journey takes you deep into the path of the sacred Rose Priestess lineage. You will awaken to a lifetime of rememberances of holding this sacred Priestess energy. Each month reveals another level of initiation on the spiral path, unfolding and revealing more about you, your energy and your purpose.

Sign up and also get access to:

Sisterhood of the Moon for Lunar Ceremonies

Sacred Soul Inner Circle Community Space

6 monthly payments of $88



Is this program online?

This program is entirely online with live online calls over zoom. Replays of the live calls will be posted if you can't make it, but attending live is encouraged and part of what keeps the container safe & sacred and continues to build the sisterhood.

Where do I go for the course?

This program is on a separate community platform that you will need to create an account for. After purchase, I'll send you an invitation to join the group. There you will have access to course materials, event calendar for live call schedules and a special chat feed where you can interact with other sisters and me during the course.

What is the commitment?

This program requires a 6 month commitment to keep the container safe and sacred for everyone. There are no refunds for digital courses and especially this program where space is limited. Expect to dedicate time weekly to absorbing the material and spending time on your own applying and integrating what you've learned. You will get what you put into it as it is meant to be an experience.


Hope to see you on this Priestess journey!

Much Love,

Jena Skai

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