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Path of the Priestess

Dearest Sacred Sister I see you and understand why you are here.The path of the Priestess calls to you when you are ready. Ready to step into your authentic Divine Feminine power.


This calling is a sign. 

A sign that you are ready to shed your patterns & habits that hinder your truth. A sign that you are ready to release & renew. A sign that you are ready to experience true freedom & liberation.


You are welcome here dear Sister.


Beloved, You have the power to make each moment sacred. Deep down you know this. You feel this. That is why you feel the pull to gravitate towards these teachings. There is a cellular response, reminding you of who you truly are. A feeling of coming home. 

This inner knowing of truth is a catalyst for your transformational journey. Courage is what gives birth to the Divine creation and that Divine creation is YOU living in your authentic truth. 


The Path of the Priestess requires commitment and devotion of Self. It asks you to turn to your shadow self to find your medicine for healing, to seek the truth of your heart so you can embody your Divine nature. It will ask you to be open to Divine guidance and to establish deep trust with your intuitive Self. It will require your surrendering in order to fully step into your Divine Sovereign Beingness.

These are difficult tasks sweet sister, and I recognize the strength and courage it requires to do this work, but you are not alone.

The joys of journeying through the Priestess Path include the bond of Sisterhood, growing and connecting together through healing, wisdom and love. Learning to receive support & guidance, in a nurturing community to help you be accountable to yourself and to the collective. 

We are all mirrors helping each other to reflect with clarity.

Which Priestess Path is for You?
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