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Working with a Chakra Healing Mesa

A Mesa is a medicine bundle used for healing. It becomes a portable altar to assist you in your healing work. These Mesa's were creatively inspired by my Peruvian practices as taught to me, as a way to make it accessible and empowering to those that wish to deepen their spiritual healing practice themselves.

These Chakra Healing Mesa Kits come with a custom made chakra Mesa cloth made by my dear friend at State of Dyed. She hand dyes and makes custom orders.

Along with the Mesa cloth you'll find healing crystals and gemstones, and your kit will also contain added healing tools like smudge wands, candles, teas or bath soaks.

Each item is hand selected and attuned to the specific frequency for the chakra healing, so it is ready to be used by you.

You can find the Mesa kits here.

So what do you do with these kits?

When you are ready to do some healing work for yourself, set up a peaceful space and if it's within your practice, you can create a sacred space for this work. Slowly unwrap your Mesa bundle. For your first use, take time to connect to each piece by holding it heart level and allowing yourself to feel into the healing energy it offers. If your kit contains single use items such as bath soaks or teas, you can use the items as you feel called to and replace them when you are ready.

Once you've connected to each piece, set up the cloth as your altar table. Arrange the items in a decorative manner. There is no right or wrong. You may even find the way you place the items hold a message or meaning for you. You can even add other elements to decorate, creating a mandala like display with flower petals, herbs, grains, beads... the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. This is part of attuning to and connecting with your Mesa for healing.

When you're ready, choose the piece or pieces you wish to work with more closely. When working with the stones, you can work with it in a variety of ways. Hold it during meditation or place it on the associated chakra. You may even feel like placing it somewhere else on the body. Follow your intuitive guidance. Sometimes the work needed for chakra healing requires work on other chakras as well. If you wish to deepen your understanding of the selected chakra, take your time connecting with each stone at that center and allow yourself to be open to feeling the slight differences in energy between the stones and what that means to you.

Caring for Your Mesa

The act of feeding your Mesa continues to rejuvenate the energy of it, making it stronger over time. We feed our Mesa by placing offerings of flower petals, herbs, plant parts, or other such natural items. If you added any of these items in the making of your Mesa mandala then you've already got it ready. If you haven't, this is a great way to build up more decorative yet meaningful supplies in your Mesa. You can always add special items that fit the theme of your Mesa too. You can work with the Mesa as often as you would like, but it is recommended when it is not in use or not going to be used in the immediate future, that it is wrapped up in its traditional fashion.

Wrapping your Mesa

To wrap your Mesa, start by moving all your items to the center. Fold in the 4 corners clockwise. Next, fold the bottom up. Then fold the left over followed by the right. Finally, you'll fold the top down and tuck it in the pocket. Use the tie to help keep it secure.

The History

This style of Mesa comes from the cross-cultural Pachakuti style Mesa. It is a blend of the tradition of the Paqos from the Incan Q'ero Peruvian tribes and the coastal Peruvian tribes. The coastal tribes were influenced by the Spanish after their invasion and introduced Curanderismo practices, while the Paqos from the Q'ero tribes escaped to the mountains where they maintained the traditional teachings of the ways of the Incan Shamans. This particular style was brought forth by Don Oscar Miro-Quesada.

This Pachakuti Mesa is used for healing transformation. "Pacha" means world, place, space, realm, Earth and consciousness. "Kuti" means to change or trasnform. So the Pachakuti Mesa is a sacred medicine bundle used to transform your consciousness and bring change to your earthly realm of existence.

A special thank you to the Peruvian Elders that have made it their mission to spread these teachings in order to help all of humanity and the planet. May we all remember that we are all connected, we are all related and we are all one.

Many Blessings to you on your healing journey,

Jena Skai

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