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Reflecting or Reminiscing, the Medicine of Now

Have you ever experienced those moments when you begin thinking or reminiscing about a relationship, or a situation between you and someone else? The next thing you know as your are uncovering those memories you begin the process of reflecting and seeing things from different perspectives. This is truly the medicine of the cosmos at the moment.

Pay close attention to what memories your mind brings to light over the next few weeks. It will undoubtedly lead you to discovering a pattern or belief that is ready to be released and healed.

In the healing journey, this is often referred to as the spiral path. We revisit things from different perspectives. Sometimes this unlocks a "leveling up" in understanding, bringing about a new level of awareness and consciousness.

This path of healing is being more triggered right now (Oct 30th, 2019) as mercury will begin its retrograde and conjunct venus. Mercury, the planet of communication, loves to stir things up when it goes retrograde. Venus, the planet of love, will be influencing those situations brought to light. Whether is it issues with lovers, past lovers, relationships of any kind or perhaps even ways you are blocked in receiving or seeing the love around you. This is the opportune time to begin that shadow work journey around those situations. If you know you are holding onto old wounds in the heart, start that process of healing by reflecting from a new place of being.

Ritual Practice:

Candle (white, pink, green or black)

Rose Quartz

Anointing Oil (heart opening scents like floral or musk)

White Sage

Prepare a quiet space to be able to relax undisturbed. Light some white sage to clear the energy of the space. If choosing to use anointing oil, you may apply it to your candle and crystal, as well as at your third eye, heart and sacral chakra. Light the candle and allow yourself to relax as you gaze into the flame. Then close your eyes and begin to turn your thoughts inward.

Bring your hands to rest on your heart center. Is there a block here? Have there a wall built around your heart space? Are you guarding? What happened to cause this? How can you be more open to love?

Bring your hands to your sacral chakra. What fear is being stored here? How is it related to the energy of your heart chakra? What would you rather feel instead?

Bring your hands to your third eye. What is a new way of seeing, believing and thinking that is in alignment with an open heart and creates a positive emotional feeling for you? What do you need to mentally release or let go in order to allow this new of being to shine?

Rest in silence for a few minutes to allow time for you to process.

Align with love as you hold your rose quartz. In this moment, allow that love to surround your space. Use this stone as a reminder to align with love.

Sacred Self Care Ritual

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