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Soul Reading Sunday March 13th-19th

Hey Sacred Souls!

If you follow along our Facebook page then you know I offer weekly readings every Sunday. If you’ve been following for awhile then you also know these readings have morphed to also include an energy forecast for the week. I love offering these free weekly readings as part of my gift to our community. I thought it would be great to share here as well on our blog.

You may be wondering what is a Soul Reading? A Soul Reading is what I call Oracle or Tarot readings. When I offer these readings I’m tuning into soul energy to help see past the surface of things and into the energy behind it, much like in healing sessions. For this style of reading you simply take a few deep breaths to center and notice which of the cards above seem to “speak” to you more. Some people experience this as a thought or knowing, some notice a card appears more glowy, and some just notice a feeling. There is so much more to be said on the ways in which we interpret energy, but that’ll have to be saved for another post 😉

For now, align to your own inner energy and choose a card.

The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell
The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

I love working with this oracle card deck. It has such a great energetic feel and the messages are super powerful. Have you chosen a card? This card will represent the energy that you will likely be feeling into the most this week.

You see, just like horoscopes have a generalized collective energy, these readings do too. So even though this reading also explains the energetics of the week, it also recognizes that people fall into different places along this collective thread of energy.

Now let's see what energy is around you this week.

We've got The Cosmic Heart, Karmic Relationships and Lifting the Veil. I can already tell there's some huge shifts happening for people this week. This is also why I decided to take this week's reading to our blog. Let's look at the individual cards and then we will get into the collective reading for the week. Also note that my energetic interpretations in my readings are what is intuitively channeled by me and not from the descriptive books that come with the cards.

The Cosmic Heart- Devotion. Potency. Make your life a moving prayer.

Card 1 reflects an energy of coming into Divine alignment and allowing yourself to be open to that connection and flow throughout your daily routine. If you've been feeling disconnected, this act of making your life a moving prayer can help bring you back into that connected state. It exercises your faith and belief in your ability to connect even when you don't feel it. The simplest and most mundane chores can be done with devotion. For instance, washing the dishes. The next time you're washing dishes do it with gratitude for the food you have, for the home you have, for the people you may have shared your meal with. Slowing down and entering this place of energetic intention can make anything a moving prayer.

Karmic Relationships- Orion energy. Polarity. Soul growth. Conflict.

Card 2 energy is about helping you to see where things are not aligned and offers opportunity for growth. Recognizing the polarizing energies at play throughout your life creates new levels of understanding and perception. Right now there may be more focus on this aspect of duality and finding your way through it. Often this looks like challenging aspects showing up pushing you to recognize those beliefs that you cling tightly to in order to shift you from that contracted state of clinging and into expansive opening for soul growth. This is a process we all go through many times. This time though, pay close attention to your relationships and what they are teaching you through this process.

Lifting the Veil- Questioning everything. Anything unaligned must go.

Card 3 is all about stepping into that aligned nature. Once you begin to question everything, it allows any illusions or false beliefs to fade away, leaving you to be in that open and expansive state. It is a chance to experience and witness the flow of infinite possibility and potential and what that truly looks like. It also offers the gift of recognizing those places you limit yourself so that you may release those blockages and 'level up' so to speak. It is a place of rebirth where you are becoming slightly different. It is not life crumbling chaotic change, just mindset, belief and your outward look on life is shifting and sometimes that creates an even bigger impact.

Now that you know what your individual message is, let's dive deeper into what energy is at play this week.

This week is all about coming into harmonious alignment within. It starts by recognizing your own desire for connection. It is challenged by the dualistic view and nature of the world around you, through your relationships and environment. This may arise as a conflict or a moment of experiencing your triggers in a way that also shows you new perspectives. As this polarity becomes recognized you are able to question your thoughts, views and beliefs, inviting freedom and growth into your life. This changes your views and thought patterns, breaking loops and cycles you may have previously been stuck in. This cycle of reconnect, reflect and realign is the cycle of our souls evolutionary journey of awakening to new levels of understanding. This is a potent and powerful week to truly dig deep into your beliefs and views and question where, why, and how they were developed. Don't forget that within this process, your own connection is what helps you align. It is like your North Star, always directing you home to the light within you.

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2 Yorum

Thank you!! This and all of the Sunday readings have really resonated for me lately.


14 Mar 2022

Thank you for sharing!

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