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Own Your Story

Everyone creates a story about themselves, about other people, about what lies ahead. We create our life by our stories. The power lies in understanding that you create your own story and you are not responsible for the stories that others may create about you.

In life, you may come across people that try to assert the version of you they have created. It is up to you to remember this story belongs to them and not you. You have a choice to recognize this is the story of their perception, limitations and judgements and release it back to them, or you can accept it as your truth and bare the weight of carrying someone else's projections.

Think for a moment of all the known expectations placed upon you by others.

Think for a moment of all the expectations you place upon yourself thinking you need to live up to something for someone else.

What would be different if you shed the stories that were not your own, if you released expectations to be a certain way for certain people?

How many times have you allowed others beliefs to become your inner truth?

Freedom comes from taking back the power of claiming your story. YOU KNOW YOUR INNER TRUTH! Live it. You are not here to be everything for everyone. You are here to simply be you. Own your story.

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