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Ostara Reading

A special edition of Soul Reading Sunday, this reading is for the season of Spring as we celebrate Ostara and welcome the earth to awaken from its slumber.

The Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

Channeled Message by Jena Skai The message for this season is beautiful. It starts with the Whispers of Mother Earth. As the earth awakens ripe with creative flow, that energy is there for you to tap into. If you are seeking inspiration slow down and witness Mother Earth in her blooming. She is full of inspiration and creative insight right now. As you take time to pause and feel into this earth energy, it stirs the wisdom of Sophia. When we slow down, align and attune to the earth, we allow ourselves to be that bridge between the realm of the Divine and the Earth. We awaken the Divine wisdom of Sophia, a flow of energy that opens us to knowing, feeling and being more deeply in tune with our path, purpose and collective place here on earth. Sophia is known as the creator that holds the cosmos.

Rebecca Campbell writes, “in the book of Proverbs, Sophia says, ‘I was present at the beginning of the creation… participating at the side of the Lord in the work of creation.’ Many scholars believe that the figure beside God in Michelangelo‘s Sistine Chapel is a representation of Sophia.”

Sophia is the Cosmic Divine Mother that holds the blueprint of creation. She is the force unknown, the Divine Feminine mystery. It is in this energy we find surrender, trust and faith. As we seek to be the bridge of Heaven on Earth, we open to this Divine wisdom of intelligent energy that leads the way. This happens through living soul-led, as card 3 The Rose Thread is reminding us of the importance to listen to that inner call. This is your life to live, live it courageously. Live it following your path. Live it in a way that brings alignment, harmony and peace. When you come into that place of surrender you open yourself to the expansive nature of synchronicity and Divine timing, reminding you that you are connected to something greater.

The energies surrounding us this spring are encouraging you to really BE. To sink in deeper with embodiment practices that attune to the earth. Allow yourself to express your energy through your creations. Pay attention to the Divine wisdom that flows through you and learn how to surrender gracefully to the energy as it flows rather than control. Listen to that inner guidance. Follow the path your soul is craving. This is your time. Blossom.

Much Love & Many Blessings,

Jena Skai

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