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Labradorite was named after Labrador, Newfoundland where geologists first discovered it, being lead by Moravian Missionaries in the 1770's. The Inuit tribes were the original finders of these beautiful gems though. It was also known as "Fire Rock" and as the legend has it, they believed the Northern Lights were trapped in these stones giving them the beautiful flash they are known for. It became an important stone to the Inuit people and was used medicinally for physical and spiritual ailments.

Today people turn to Labradorite to help with intuitive guidance and harmonizing the energy of the Third Eye Chakra. It also assists with purification of the Throat Chakra which helps in bringing peace to the mind. The flash in Labradorite instills inspiration and hope, encouraging you to dream and aspire to greater things.

Labradorite is often used in meditation to quiet the mind while also offering gentle protection of the energy field. Communication with guides, Ancestors and angels have known to be increased when working with this gem.

Sit with a piece in your left hand to tune into the energy of it. Listen closely. Stones often speak through feelings.

Lay down with a piece on your Third Eye. Notice the difference in energy at your Third Eye Chakra.

Place a piece at your Throat Chakra. Notice the difference of how it feels here.

The subtle messages often come in feelings of awareness. What were you being made aware of as you felt the vibration of this energy in different areas?

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