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If you've been working with me then you likely know garnet is one of my favorite stones. Garnet gets its name from the Latin word granatus, meaning pomegranate, due to its vibrant color.

Aside from jewelry, do you know what else garnet is used for? Abrasives. Often it is ground up to use as abrasive grits and in sandpaper! That kinda breaks my heart.

Many of the older civilizations hailed garnets as a sign of nobility and wealth. It was used to adorn jewelry, breastplates and even noble seals. It was even found buried with Egyptian princesses.

Garnet comes in a variety of colors ranging from the most common almandine burgundy red, to the fiery orange of spessartine, to beautiful shades of green and my favorite rhodolite in bright shades of magenta.

Garnet is my top stone for working with the Earth Star Chakra and helping to connect more fully to this energy. It's grounding, stabilizing, protective and nurturing, much like the Earth Star.

Energetically, garnet is deeply nourishing to the energy body. It facilitates a connection with Mother Earth, to develop a relationship to the Earth. Many refer to the relationship energy of garnet as in romantic partnerships. I find it to be most attuned to the sacred reciprocity needed within our connection to the Earth and this is perhaps one of the most important relationships of our life.

Garnet helps you to be aware of the flow of give and receive, and to be mindful of your energy. It assists you letting go, reminding you to surrender to the greater source of energy that is there to hold you, that provides for you and ensures that you are comforted. This of course comes from the Earth and the Earth Star Chakra.

As you bring your intention to the Earth Star located beneath you within the Earth, most see it as a glowing deep burgundy color like the color of this garnet pictured here. It is an energy center that feels overwhelmingly comforting. The the ultimate Mother energy that is here to support, nurture and nourish in every way that you need. That is exactly the flow of energy you feel rising up those sacred roots connected to the Earth Star and back into the Root Chakra. It helps you find and receive the nourishment in the surrender, the bliss in the letting go. It allows you to feel fully supported and provides a sense of belonging, as if the Earth Mother Herself wraps you in a hug.

Garnet works well with moss agate, hematite and brown tourmaline (dravite) in connecting more deeply to this nurturing Earth Star energy. Developing a spiritual practice of sacred reciprocity with the Earth Mother is beneficial, not only for the energy that is offered back to you, but in the recognition and awareness of your actions in relation to the Earth. Creating an altar space under a favorite tree or in your garden where you can meditate and practice this connection can initiate a deeper relationship with the Earth and provide that sense of belonging you may be craving.

Garnet is also associated with the energy of abundance in its reminder that everything is always provided in the right time. It pairs well with citrine, pyrite and tiger's eye for manifestation work and abundance grids.

Do you have a favorite type of garnet or perhaps a favorite way of working with garnet? Let me know in the comments below!

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I like to use almandine garnets with citrine and epidote.

Jena Skai Weeks
Jena Skai Weeks
Jan 26, 2023
Replying to

Garnet and epidote sounds like an amazing healing combination!

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