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Archangelic Light Healing

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

This spiritual healing practice has been gifted to us from the angelic realm for the purpose of helping us heal by unblocking emotional barriers, cleansing and amplifying the energy field and awakening our own light body to ascension codes.

Archangelic Light Healing Series

Our series of workshops offers easier to understand, simplified ways, of working with Archangelic Light. The first intro workshop can be taken individually or together with the larger certification course. We highly recommend taking both together, especially if this is new to you, as the first intro will help to lay the foundation of your understanding. The certification workshop is for those choosing to earn the certification and title of an Archangelic Light Practitioner. These workshops are open to the community as well as other healing art practitioners. No experience or prior knowledge is necessary to begin this course.

Intro- Creating Sacred Space with Archangelic Light

In this workshop, we will discuss the 7 main Archangels used for anchoring the energy of the four quarters, as well as above and below and present heart space. The names, color association, energetic principles and purpose will be covered. You will also practice connecting to their energy and anchoring the light yourself, to create a safe healing space and raise the vibrations of any space you practice in.

Archangelic Light Healer Certification

*You must take the Intro course first.* This certification workshop includes:

  • Use of specific gemstones to aid the connection and communication with the angelic realms. You'll be guided in how to use gemstones for connecting and for healing in conjunction with the Archangelic Light. Tune into your angelic guides your personal Archangel guide for special messages and healing guidance.

  • Learn to activate the Light Rays for healing, as you dive deeper into understanding and working with the healing rays. In this workshop you'll connect to the 7 main rays for healing & ascension and learn how to channel those light frequencies to raise your own energetic vibrations.

  • 7 light rays to awaken to higher levels of light consciousness. You'll experience how to apply all that you've learned to create a healing session and become a practitioner of Archangelic Light

Interested in learning this healing technique? Use the link below to sign up.

Jena Skai is certified as an advanced Archangelic Light Practitioner, and master teacher, with several years of experience in working with this light healing modality. It is a great compliment to Shamanic Reiki and crystal healing, along with many other energetic modalities and practices.

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