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Abdominal Mayan Massage

Abdominal Mayan Massage

This is more than just a massage. You'll receive a very thorough intake form to complete as well as a consultation prior to starting the bodywork to address the specific reasons you are seeking this service. Knowing whether your focus is reproductive issues such as painful menstruation or infertility, or GI issues, or painful pelvic/hip or lower abdomen, helps me to know your focus for the session.

For infertility further consultation may be required to ensure your treatments are timed with your cycle for optimal results.

Abdominal Massage North Carolina

The core focus is on your abdomen. The majority of the massage treatment is working with the abdomen.

This is NOT a full body massage and this treatment is not something that can be "quickly" added into a massage session.

Check the email you schedule with for the pdf of the intake form to fill out prior to arrival. Note: if it is not filled out prior, the time will be deducted from your session for you to fill it out in office.

This treatment requires multiple sessions for best results. In the first treatment the consultation, assessment and massage treatment are included. In the second session, you are taught self-massage routines to practice on your own in-between treatments and we explore beneficial herbs and home care to help your individual needs.

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