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You are invited to the

Path of the Priestess

Welcome Dear Sister,

It is with great pleasure I invite you to walk this path and undertake this initiation. Walking this sacred path is a Divine journey of inner work, embracing both your light & shadow, living in alignment with your own sacred, sovereign beingness and expressing your authentic self. Your commitment is your way of showing honor & respect to both yourself and this journey. It is a sacred contract with your Higher Self to dedicate time & space for your own nurturing & growth. 

Our Initiation Ceremony will be held on May 1st at 6pm via live zoom video. The energy of this date is to connect to Ancestral lineage, calling upon the Great Mothers that came before, to bless this journey and aid in the remembrance of who we truly are. 

You may choose which invitation aligns with you at this time. 

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