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Archangelic Light: Creating Sacred Space

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Angels are all around us and there are different levels of angelic beings. In this course we will be focused on Archangels and the potent light energy they bring. There's a good chance you already feel connected to one or more of the Archangels. In this Intro workshop we will focus on the Archangels to create Sacred Space. If you are not familiar with sacred space, it is a container of energy that is held in such a way that it opens the space for healing, miracles and energy to flow that is needed for the highest good and in the highest capacity available for those in the space. For instance, think of when you are comforting a friend. Your heart chakra is activated through empathic/sympathetic feelings. This invokes the energy of love and comfort often without any thought given to it, but can you imagine the intensity and power if you brought your intention and awareness to the act of creating sacred space? While this class will focus on the individual, it can easily be used to create sacred space for your home, healing, coaching, readings, therapy and so much more.

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