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Shamanic Reiki 1 Awaken & Attune


Energy is infinite and abundant in nature. Shamanic Reiki helps you connect into this flow of energy, raising the vibrational core of your being through energetic attunements. Level 1 focuses on your inner growth as a practitioner, teaching you how to do the inner work to be a clear channel and vessel for channeling energy. What energy is placed into this program is available for you to tap into at any time. It is a beautiful process to witness the recognition and unraveling of the limited beliefs around energy and begins with the recognition that this energy is available to you right now. You know it because you can feel it. Shamanic Reiki offers a way to work with and view energy that allows for its infinite expression, understanding the essence of its nature. You'll discover how to: * work with the energetic essence of plants, animals and gemstones * journey to other realms for healing * create sacred space * heal yourself so you can be a clear channel * create healing sessions for others * shift the vibrational energy through symbols * connect to guides for deep intuitive knowing Whether you are choosing to start a career in the healing arts or simply want to learn for your own self-growth, this program will open you up to the infinite Universal energy to help you make quantum leaps in your life.

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